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How to Maximise Your Tesco Clubcard - Save Money on your Supermarket Shopping

Natalie Vincent 04/04/2014 15:48:01

How to Maximise Your Tesco Clubcard - Save Money on your Supermarket Shopping

Loyalty cards can be useful in securing store discounts and saving money. However, they're also a clever ploy by companies to ensure you return to the shop and spend more cash. Watch My Wallet explains how to get the most out of your Tesco Clubcard and where you should draw the line with consumer loyalty.

How Can I Earn Extra Tesco Clubcard Points?

You earn 1 point for every pound spent at Tesco supermarket, and this changes to 1 point for every £2 spent on fuel.

Similarly, points can be gained from Tesco mobile (3 points to every £1), the opticians (1 point to every £1), and as part of their recycle scheme which gives a point for every bag reused.

Each point is worth a penny, and once you hit 150 points, you start to get vouchers. These are credited to your account every three months.

Blinkbox From Tesco , Available On Hudl Tablet (1)You can get extra points by spending at;

Blackcircles - that's the online car tyre business Tesco owns.

Blinkbox - Rent movies online and 1 point each time you buy

Living Social - 1 Point for every £1 spent

Esso Fuel - 1 Point for every £3 worth of fuel at selcted Esso stations

E.On - Get 1500 Points with a dual fuel energy tariff

This system can be exploited by extreme moneysavers who take advantage of a trend known as "wombling". The basic idea of "wombling" is that you pick up random receipts off the floor and redeem discounts or points earned from someone else's purchases. Technically, you'd be misleading the cashier, so it's not something Watch My Wallet would recommend.

Tesco Clubcard PerksHow Can I Make the Most of Tesco Clubcard Points In-Store?

Tesco points can help to reduce your grocery bill while also making it easier to budget future shopping trips. The vouchers can also be used on petrol, clothing, wine, the opticians, travel insurance, technology and entertainment items.

There are a few exceptions, such as cigarettes and the National Lottery. However, you can use vouchers to secure discounts on most other everyday products.

Despite the vouchers, the deal may not always be the cheapest. Check to see if you can find the product for less in other supermarkets by using the My Supermarket app. Use the vouchers to get discounts from Tesco when they offer the cheapest price, but still shop around to see if you can save money elsewhere.

Get familiar with your rights and the language of vouchers to ensure you are getting the most out of them. Read our guide to extreme couponing to see how to use vouchers to the maximum.

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Clubcard Boost - How Does That Work?

Clubcard Boost Get Money Off At TicketmasterAt present you can double the value of Clubcard points on some items. So £5 worth becomes £10 off a Tesco Hudl tablet or Hudl accessories.

Even more useful is the Up to Four Times Points Boost you can get from other retailers. So £2.50 becomes £10.

You can spend at theme parks like Alton Towers, shows booked with Ticketmaster, meals out etc. You can book a holiday with Cosmos and turn £50 worth of Clubcard points into £100 off your holiday cost.

Will a Tesco Credit Card Save Me Money?

Tesco's credit card is a good deal. You get 18 months interest free on purchases and balance transfers, with a 2.9 Percent transfer fee. You also get to collect Clubcard points when you spend. You get 1 point for every £4 you spend and 5 points for every £4 worth of Tesco fuel that you buy.

Visit the Tesco website for more information on how you can save money with the Clubcard.


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