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How to Get Free Nectar Points - Earn £1.00 in under a Minute

Sean O'Meara 27/03/2014 15:14:00

How to Get Free Nectar Points - Earn £1.00 in under a Minute
  • Most card holders don't know how much a Nectar point is worth. Check out our Nectar points value breakdown to find out.

  • This feature has been updated in March 2014 with the latest Nectar deals

  • Savvy shoppers are using other people's receipts to top up their Nectar cards. Is this legal?

  • Does the Tesco Clubcard Offer Better Value than Nectar?


All About Nectar Points

Nectar is one of the most successful loyalty schemes in the UK - Nectar claims it has more card holders than Tesco's Clubcard - and can be used to earn points by making purchases at a variety of online and high street outlets, including Sainsbury's, eBay, Argos, Vodafone British Gas, Selfridges and many more.

If you're organised you can boost your spending power by adding free points to your total.

Here are six ways to save money by earning free Nectar points, including two ways to earn £1 in under a minute.

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How Much are Nectar Points Worth?

How Much Are Nectar Points Worth500 Nectar points equates to £2.50 to spend, but it's important to note that that not every Nectar point is worth 0.5 pence. You can only begin spending once your points total hits 500.

Not all points are equal, sometimes Nectar doubles the value of your points and certain retailers offer incentives to increase the value of your points to encourage you to spend.

The thing to remember with Nectar is that points don't equal pence. You need to hit certain milestones to increase the value on your card. As we know, 500 points gets you £2.50 but if you're between 500 and 1,000 points, you still only have £2.50 to spend, even if your balance says your points are worth £3.12 - it's just a guide.

But some transactions potentially earn you a thousand points a time, so it's easy to see how they can add up.

Use the Nectar Toolbar

You get 100 Nectar Points just for downloading the toolbar.

The Nectar toolbar not only adds free points on to your account each time you use it, it also helps you find the best places to collect and spend your Nectar points. We've got a detailed step-by-step guide on how to download and use the Nectar Toolbar if you need it, but it couldn't be easier.

How Many Nectar Points? Every two searches earns you 1 Nectar point, so 10 searches earns you 5 extra pence..

Nectar Adpoints

If you don't mind watching adverts when you browse on your phone, tablet or PC, then you can get another 100 Points for signing up

Asos Motel Gabby Party DressDouble Points With Online Retailers

You can get double points when shopping with ASOS, Littlewoods, Isme, House of Fraser, Miss Selfridge, Very UK and many more. 

There is a double points deal on Apple iPad Mini and iPad Air tablets at the moment too.

Register for Nectar Canvass and Win 10,000 Free Nectar Points

Nectar Canvass is Nectar's own market research programme. Everyone's got an opinion and Nectar will give you points to spend for yours. By signing up you're entered into a prize draw to win 10,000 Nectar Points. However, that's not a guaranteed points haul.

How Many Nectar Points? If you win, you'll get 10,000 to spend. That's a whopping £50. For every survey you complete, you earn 120 points to spend, which equates to 60 pence. However, that's not the end of the story. Each time you complete a survey, you're entered into a quarterly prize draw for £5000.

Open a Sainsbury's Bank Account and Collect Double Points for 2 Years

This is a handy trick, especially if you're in the market for a new bank account. Sign up for one (or more) of Sainsbury's selected finance products and every Nectar point your earn from then on is doubled.

How Many Nectar Points? Based on opening just one account with Sainbury's and a weekly Sainsbury's shop of £60, you will earn 24,960 Nectar points over two years, that's a very decent £122.50.

Double Nectar Points

Ford Car Servicing

Ford Fiesta 2013 Offers (1)If you drive a Ford car that's four years old, or older, then you can collect 2000 Nectar points if you have it serviced at a Ford Motorcraft franchise garage.

You get 1 Nectar point for every pound spent and there's a prize draw on if you take a survey with Ford - the winner gets 100,000 Nectar Points.

Bear in mind that you may well pay more for servicing and parts at a Ford dealership, compared to an independent garage.

Nectar Loyalty Card Partners

One of the beauties of the Nectar card is that you can spend it in a wide variety of places. As of February 2013, here is a list of the participating brands.







Vision Express


Easy Jet





Virgin Media



American Express

The AA

Thomson Directories



British Gas



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