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Mother's Day Bouquet Danger to Cats and Dogs

Alastair Walker 08/03/2013 11:28:36


A mother and her daughter are campaigning to make people aware of the danger that lilies pose to pets this Mother's Day.

The pollen released by some types of lily can be highly poisonous to cats, causing them kidney damage and death within a few days. Sonia Barnett of Sussex received a Valentines bouquet and three of her four cats died after ingesting lily pollen.

Now Ms Barnett and her daughter are campaigning to get florists to display warning cards, so that people giving Mother's Day bouquets don't unknowingly cause danger to cats in the household.

Some types of lily, such as the Trumpet Lily can also be dangerous for dogs and there are many other flowers which can cause problems to both cats and dogs.

Cats Flower DangerYou can get information from the Cats UK charity on which plants and flowers are dangerous here.

The Dogs Trust has guidance on dangerous substances, flowers and the hazards of blue green algae here too.

What is Blue Green Algae? Why is It Dangerous To Dogs?

Blue green algae in ponds, rivers, canals or reservoirs can be fatal for dogs, so watch out for it if you are walking your dog and let them swim in freshwater.

Blue green algae usually forms during hot weather, which is when dogs are more likely to jump into water to cool down. The algae causes vomiting, convulsions and sometimes death. 

Another thing to note on Mother's Day is that dogs can be poisoned by chocolates too, so don't leave a box of chocolates open when your doggie is around.

There is more information on foods and outdoor plants that are hazardous to dogs on the RSPCA website.

Rising Cost Of Vet TreatmentThe Cost of Pet Care is Rising - How to Save on Pet Insurance

As many cat and dog owners find out, vet bills can be an extra financial shock when you lose a pet, or it requires emergency treatment because it has eaten poisonous flowers, or pollen.

It can cost thousands to have a vet treat a sick animal these days.

It's getting more expensive to find pet insurance, so Watch My Wallet had a look at getting the best value pet insurance here.


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