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BT Sport 2013/2014 Fixture List Announced - | Liverpool v Arsenal | Arsenal v Manchester United | Chelsea v Everton top picks

Sean O'Meara 11/12/2013 14:17:06

BT Sport 2013/2014 Fixture List Announced - | Liverpool v Arsenal | Arsenal v Manchester United | Chelsea v Everton top picks

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Updated - February 2014 Fixtures Announced

It's the start of the "business end" of the season and there's some tasty clashes being broadcast on BT Sport this February.

  • West Ham United v Swansea City, Saturday February 1, 12.45PM

  • Liverpool v Arsenal, Saturday February 8, 12.45PM

  • Cardiff City v Aston Villa, Tuesday February 11, 7.45PM

  • Arsenal v Manchester United, Wednesday February 12, 7.45PM

  • Chelsea v Everton, Saturday February 22, 7.45PM


Updated - BT Sport to Show All Champions League Games 

BT Sport has acquired the rights to show all Champions League 350 fixtures from 2015 breaking the dominance of ITV and Sky Sports, who currently share the right. Any deal that spares us the inane chuntering of ITV's Andy Townsend sounds good to us. Well done BT Sport.

Updated -Winter 2013 and New Year Fixtures Announced

BT Sport have announced their next round of fixtures, for the busy Christmas and New Year period. Manchester City v Arsenal and Manchester United v Tottenham look to be the picks, but Crytal Palace v Wet Ham early in December promises to be a tense and edgy basement clash.

BT Sport December 2013 Fixtures

  • Crystal Palace v West Ham - Tuesday 3, 8pm

  • Swansea v Newcastle - Wednesday 4, 7.45pm

  • Manchester United v Newcastle - Saturday 7, 12.45pm

  • Manchester City v Arsenal - Saturday 14, 12.45pm

  • Liverpool v Cardiff - Saturday 21, 12.45pm

  • West Ham v Arsenal - December 26, (Boxing Day) 3pm

  • Manchester City v Liverpool - December 26, (Boxing Day) 5.30pm

  • Southampton v Chelsea - January 1 2014 (New Year's Day), 3pm

  • Manchester United v Tottenham - January 1 2014 (New Year's Day), 5.30pm


BT Sport 2013 Fixtures

Top picks glancing at the fixtures have got to be Tottenham v Chelsea on Saturday 28th September, Newcastle v Liverpool on Saturday 19th October and Everton v Liverpool on Saturday 23rd November.


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BT Sport August 2013 Fixtures

  • Liverpool v Stoke - Saturday 17 12:45pm

  • Fulham v Arsenal - Saturday 24 12:45pm

  • Man City v Hull City - Saturday 31 12:45pm

BT Sport September 2013 Fixtures

  • Man Utd v Crystal Palace - Saturday 14 12:45pm

  • Norwich v Aston Villa - Saturday 21 12:45pm

  • Tottenham v Chelsea - Saturday 28/09/13 12:45pm

BT Sport October 2013 Fixtures

  • Man City v Everton - Saturday 5 12:45pm

  • Newcastle v Liverpool - Saturday 19 12:45pm

  • Crystal Palace v Arsenal - Saturday 26 12:45pm

BT Sport November 2013 Fixtures

  • Newcastle v Chelsea - Saturday 2 12:45pm

  • Everton v Liverpool - Saturday 23 12:45pm

  • Tottenham v Man Utd - Saturday 30 12:45pm


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