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How Long Would it Take Gareth Bale to Earn your Salary?

Sean O'Meara 02/09/2013 16:14:32

How Long Would it Take Gareth Bale to Earn your Salary?

Welsh wing wizard Gareth Bale finally completed his protracted transfer to Spanish giants Real Madrid. The move makes him the most expensive footballer ever and puts him among the top earners in world football.

Meanwhile, the rest of us have made our way into work on a Monday for the 35th time this year. Unless you're also a professional footballer, founded Facebook or have an oil well in your garden, it's unlikely that you're earning anywhere near Bale's wages. In fact, in the time it's taken you to read this, Bale will have earned almost £30.

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Gareth Bale Salary Calculator

How long would it take Bale to earn your salary? How long would it take Bale to earn your salary?

Bale earns £300,000 a week.







Who is Gareth Bale?

Gareth Bale is Welsh. 

General footballing consensus has Gareth as being the third best player in the world, behind team mate Cristiano Ronaldo and Barcelona's Lionel Messi.

Gareth started his career at Southampton.

Gareth endured the longest and most bizarre losing streak in modern football. After joining Tottenham from Southampton, he went for two years without being on the winning side. During that two years, he played 25 games, for three different managers, for a total of 1,533 minutes, without winning. 

Bale was so unimpressive early on his Tottenham career, that the club tried to flog him for cheap. West Ham, Birmingham and Nottingham Forest all declined the chance to buy Bale for just £3 million.

Gareth was nearly used by Tottenham as a make-weight in a deal to buy Middlesborough player Stewart Downing. Tottenham wanted to sign Downing and offered 'Boro £15 million, plus Gareth Bale to sweeten the deal. That's right, Bale was once considered so average that Spurs were prepared to throw him in as a bonus. Middlesborough declined the deal, Downing went to Aston Villa (cheers Bobby Shone for pointing out my original error of saying he went to Man City) and Bale stayed put.

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