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Supermarkets Failing to Stock Everyday Items

Alastair Walker 04/07/2012 16:30:10

Supermarkets Failing to Stock Everyday Items

Supermarket shoppers are struggling to find everything they want when they visit stores, according to research carried out by trade magazine, The Grocer.

Undercover researchers visit a selection of five UK supermarkets with a typical list of 33 everyday items each week, to test on the availability and price of the goods, plus the overall level of customer service.

Over a 12 month period Tesco, Waitrose, Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury's were all visited and out of 250 visits in total, The Grocer mystery shoppers were able to tick off their 33 item list just 8 per cent of the time.

Supermarkets blame their patchy stock levels on the success or failure of particular price promotions in-store. So this can mean that some branches will sell out of something which is on a `Bogof,' whilst another branch has stacks of unsold goods.

Morrisons were the best at offering a decent stock availability on The Grocer 33 list, with six full baskets, then Sainsbury's on five and Asda on four.

The Grocer found that Asda were consistently the cheapest supermarket when it came to buying everyday items such as bread, milk, butter etc.


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