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Fuel News: Sainsbury's Cuts Unleaded to 125.9p a Litre

Alastair Walker 12/06/2012 11:21:46

Fuel News: Sainsbury

Sainsbury's will sell unleaded petrol from as low as £1.25.9p per litre from today, as supermarkets drive down the cost of fuel after crude oil continued its slide on international oil markets.

Asda announced a price cut across the UK yesterday, with lower prices applying from today. This sees unleaded sell at 129.7p per litre at all Asda fuel stations.

Sainsbury's however are applying regional pricing to their diesel and petrol sales, so if there's not much local competition expect to pay a bit more than 125.9p.

Watch My Wallet expects further price cuts to be announced by Tesco and Morrisons by the end of the week, with the major petrol retailers such as Shell, Esso, Total, BP etc all dragging their heels until next week before announcing a significant price cut - we would love to be proved wrong!

How much is fuel where you live? Post a comment below.


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