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RBS-NatWest Bank Offers Customers Cold Comfort Online

Alastair Walker 22/06/2012 15:34:39

RBS-NatWest Bank Offers Customers Cold Comfort Online

UK banking giant RBS-NatWest is still struggling to fix their IT system problems. These have have left millions of people without access to cash, or failed transactions on their personal and business bank accounts. Many people who do not bank with RBS-NatWest are still affected as they haven't been paid by ex-partners, customers, or by employers.

The unspecified problem first appeared on Wednesday night and developed into a major problem for many people yesterday as wages, benefits or BACS transfers from companies failed to be paid into accounts in Ulster Bank, RBS and NatWest.

The latest information Watch My Wallet has is that around 1000 Nat West and RBS branches will open over the weekend to help customers. Some account holders have posted on Twitter and Facebook that their money has arrived today and their online balances are now correct. Others are still in financial limbo and struggling to borrow cash to survive.

The RBS group has also issued a statement saying `no customers will incur any bank charges for delayed or failed payments.'

However, there's no word on compensation, especially to businesses who may have lost work due to having their bank accounts effectively frozen for 2 days.


50 Pound NotesReaction today on Twitter has been fairly harsh, with many customers annoyed that RBS have done very little to answer the thousands of queries to their twitter accounts @RBS_help and @NatWest_help

At the time of writing @RBS_help hadn't tweeted for 18 hours, despite a storm of protest and questions.

Alex MacColl asked; "Who else hasn't got any money today thanks to our friends in RBS/NatWest?"

TrippyArsenal tweeted "Any chance of a reply?"

Micheal Heaven said; "Thanks for no communication and a 40m phone call."

A Fake Ken Barlow account tweeted; "Dear NatWest; tried turning it off and on again?"

Watch My Wallet also tweeted RBS/NatWest suggesting they offer practical advice for those buying food or fuel, or how to deal with the non payment of bills. Again, there was no reply.


If you are a Nat West customer and need to call from a mobile then try using 01268 508 018 for Gold/Classic card holders, or 01702 278 562 for Black card holders, instead of the 0800/0870 numbers.

If you have the 08 Wizard app on your phone it should provide alternative UK landline numbers to avoid you being charged by your mobile network provider.

Have you been affected? Post a comment below.


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