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RBS Bank Launches GetCash Smartphone App

Alastair Walker 21/06/2012 12:30:25

RBS Bank Launches GetCash Smartphone App

RBS has launched a new smartphone app which lets you withdraw up to £100 out of an ATM cash machine, without having your debit card with you.

The app sends you a unique six digit code which is valid for three hours, so it's ideal for anyone who has forgotten their wallet, or anyone on a night out who prefers not to carry a large amount of cash, or carry their bank cards with them when consuming alcohol.

For someone who is stranded after a night out, the GetCash app could mean the difference between getting a taxi home or having to walk. The code can simply be texted to another person's phone, so they can withdraw the money. Many parents might think the app is worth having for just such emergencies.

The app is called GetCash and Ben Green, Head of Mobile at RBS told the UK press that this was `the first time any bank had offered such a service. We have heard countless stories of people forgetting their debit cards, so this solves the problem in a totally secure and painless way.'

Initially the GetCash app will be available for iPhone and BlackBerry devices, but an Android version is expected to follow. Those who already have the RBS or Nat West phone apps should be able to simply upgrade to the latest version of the banking app and use this new feature.

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