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Supermarket Deals: Lidl Half Price Sale and Special Offers

Alastair Walker 09/08/2012 16:46:21

Supermarket Deals: Lidl Half Price Sale and Special Offers

Lidl have a half price sale on this weekend, with prices reduced on selected items, plus a range of DIY bargains available from today.

There are just a handful of items reduced to half price; rump steak, chocolate, cucumber and Suddenly Madame Glamour ladies perfume. All a bit random, but if you like steak it's hard to argue with a 400g pack for £1.99.

Now DIY can be a real moneysaver around the house, if you know what you're doing and secondly, have the right tools. A circular saw for £34.99, with blades at £6.99 is an ideal way to get busy on that new decking, or flooring project.

Meanwhile some anti-mould silicone sealant at £3.99 could give your bathroom a spruce up and stop any water seeping into nooks and crannies where it can cause trouble.

Starting from next Monday 13th August Lidl have reductions on a range of kids toys and games by the way, plus a Singer Serenade 2250 sewing machine at £79.99. If you're looking to save money by repairing or making your own clothes then that could be a good investment.

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