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Fuel News: AA Find That Older Petrol Pumps Can Deliver 4% Extra

Alastair Walker 09/08/2012 10:33:27

Fuel News: AA Find That Older Petrol Pumps Can Deliver 4% Extra

The AA has found that older, inaccurate fuel pumps could be helping UK drivers getting a little extra fuel when they fill up.

The AA tested fuel pumps because some members felt they weren't getting the full litre when topping up, but their survey found that in reality, motorists were getting 4.4 per cent extra on average. Nobody was getting less than they were paying for.

The shock news - that fuel stations are in effect giving away petrol - comes after Trading Standards officers tested the fuel delivery pumps in Derby and Cumbria. The investigators found that just 15 stations out of over 250 tested were pumping out extra fuel.

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The AA say that you're more likely to get extra fuel from stations using older pumps, which are less accurate.

But as these older pumps are usually to be found at independent stations, not the major supermarkets or oil companies, you will end up paying extra per litre anyway, meaning your 4 per cent extra in fuel will probably make no difference to the dent in your wallet.

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