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Get a Set of Free Bosch Windscreen Wipers from Autoglass

Watch My Wallet 25/03/2013 17:21:32

Get a Set of Free Bosch Windscreen Wipers from Autoglass

Bosch are giving away free a free pair of Bosch wiper blades with every windscreen replacement or repair. Offer ends March 27th. 

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Previous Autoglass Offers - Autoglass Free Wiper Blades

To celebrate their 40th   birthday, Autoglass has today launched a free windscreen wipers promotion, accompanied by a national television advertising campaign. The campaign will highlight the importance of visibility when driving, especially during winter when road conditions are worse and there are more hours of darkness.

Car maintenance is one of the expenses many motorists have pushed further down their priority list in order to save money.

In the advert, Autoglass technician John Porter (what happened to Gavin from Autoglass?) talks viewers through the importance of regularly changing wiper blades, and introduces the free wipers offer as a thank you to customers for choosing Autoglass over the past 40 years.

The free wipers are available to any Autoglass repair or replacement customer.

Martin Howard, spokesperson at Brake, commented: "With winter weather now upon us, drivers need to ensure their vehicles are regularly checked and maintained. It only takes a few minutes to conduct vital safety checks on windscreen wipers, as well as tyres, windows, mirrors and lights, and it could prevent a costly and devastating crash. Many drivers don't realise that poor quality wipers or brittle blades can have an impact on visibility and therefore safety. With this in mind, we recommend that drivers change their wiper blades at least every year, as well as regularly conduct safety checks on their vehicle."


Andre May, Sales and Marketing Director at Autoglass® said: "We wanted to thank our customers for choosing Autoglass® over the last 40 years and give somethingback. With dark nights and poor weather fast approaching, we hope our free wipers offer increases awareness amongst motorists of the importance of regularly maintaining their vehicles in order to ensure their safety. It simply can't be something which is ignored, even when drivers are looking to budget."


The free Bosch wipers offer runs from 8am on Monday the 8th October until 6pm on Monday 22nd October. 


6 Car Safety and Maintenance Tips for Winter

  • Keep a bottle of diluted screen wash in the boot in case you run out.

  • Top up your anti-freeze levels to ensure your water pump doesn't freeze. If you hear a squealing sound when you first drive off, this could be a frozen water pump.

  • Clear snow from the roof, as well the windows, before driving off. Otherwise snow will slide onto your windscreen and impede visibility.

  • Use a cigarette lighter to thaw out frozen locks.

  • Keep a pair of shoes in the car. Walking through snow then getting in the car with wet feet makes the pedals slippery.

  • Pull away in second gear if driving in the snow, gently easing the clutch out. This reduces the chances of wheel spin.


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