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Get Free Broadband, No Contract - Free Ad Supported Broadband Launches in UK

Sean O'Meara 24/01/2013 11:11:35

Get Free Broadband, No Contract - Free Ad Supported Broadband Launches in UK

Samba Mobile, the UK's first free mobile broadband provider, has just launched and Watch My Wallet are very excited about what this means.

How Samba Mobile Free Broadband Works

After purchasing a dongle, SIM (£5.00) or both (£25) - the accessories required depends on what device you use - you build up credit by watching adverts. Some of the adverts contain interactive elements, so it's not possible to build up your credit while doing something else, you need to view the ads.

Ad Supported

Samba claims that it takes just two and a half minutes of advert consumption per day to build up over 500mb per month credit. That's less than the typical prime time ITV ad break. Watch My Wallet believes that is more than a fair trade off for free broadband on the go.

In order to calculate how much data you use, Samba monitors your web usage. While customers may be uncomfortable with this arrangement, it is possible to opt out of having your browsing history used for marketing purposes.

Samba Mobile seems like the ideal back-up broadband for people on the go, but we believe it could also function perfectly as a primary source of broadband for the home.

Samba Mobile Free Broadband - Verdict

We're pretty much used to watching ads on Youtube before viewing premium content, and given the relative intelligence of your average web browser when compared to commercial TV, there should be a lot less tutting and huffing when the ads come on. Watch My Wallet can't see much hardship in viewing two or three minutes of ads per day.

Many industry commentators have drawn comparisons with the failed ad supported mobile network Blyk, but we feel that is unfair. Web browsing is a totally different behaviour to making phone calls and is much more suited to the ad supported model.

The beauty of Samba Mobile, apart from the obvious and massive benefit of being free, is the flexibility. You can watch the ads when you want and there is a degree of choice in what ads you view. There are no contracts, sign up or connection fees and you can totally forget about direct debits and bills.

At first glance, we absolutely love the potential of Samba Mobile and what it represents for the broadband industry. We'll be doing a review of Samba Mobile in the coming weeks, so watch this space for a more involved breakdown of how it all works.


Well, it's free
It's impossible to exceed your data allowance
You can pick the most relevant ads
You can watch them at a time that suits you
You can earn extra credit by purchasing products from the ads
No more hunting for a Wi-Fi hotspot


Samba Mobile restricts certain content. Watch My Wallet believes it is not the role of an ISP to decide what its customers watch
Samba's terms and conditions warn that web usage may be tracked

More info on Samba Mobile Free Broadband

Samba Mobile

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