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Reviewed and Rated: Onavo Data Shrinking App

Alastair Walker 24/01/2013 11:31:16

Reviewed and Rated: Onavo Data Shrinking App


Cost: FREE

Available for iPhone and Android

This is one of the best free apps that Watch My Wallet has tested on the Apple iPhone over the last three months. It is ideal for anyone with a data cap on their monthly contract.

Onavo is easy to install and once set up you start saving data immediately, as it compresses all those push notifications from social networks, shrinks pictures and video as you download - or upload to Facebook etc.

OnavoappJust check your Onavo dashboard and you can see that you've saved say 129MB of data in one month, which could be just over 10 per cent of your 1GB allowance, depending on your network tariff of course. Over three months of testing we found the savings were consistently in the 10 per cent to 12 per cent range.

Networks in the UK are slowly waking up to the idea that people actually want to use their fancy pants smartphones, which means downloading lots of data. Three have an `all you can eat' package at present.

But if you're still locked into something with say a 500MB per month cap, Onavo is one app worth downloading right now.

Best Feature - Saves data in the background, you don't have to do anything once it's installed.

Worst Feature - Nothing you can fault really. Does the job.

Area for Improvement - The new Onavo Extend version of the app has the facility to let the user choose to compress streaming video, or leave it as is, and enjoy the quality on screen.


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