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Reviewed and Rated: Top 5 Big Button Mobile Phones

Alastair Walker 17/12/2013 15:22:17

Reviewed and Rated: Top 5 Big Button Mobile Phones

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Whether you have vision or hearing problems, or simply like the convenience, there are plenty of `big button' mobiles on the market for those who want one.

Easy to operate, whether you're text messaging or calling. Most feature SOS buttons too.

If you need a mobile with a big button keypad, plus large text display, enhanced volume function, then we have found some of the cheapest handsets for you.

Watch My Wallet picks five of the best:

Big Button Tesco Bluechip1.   Bluechip SIM free

This handy mobile from costs £20, inc delivery. 

It has a built-in FM radio, nice large buttons, plus you can set up an emergency button - so one touch is all it takes to get in touch with the emergency services.

Many people are giving up on landlines due to the high costs charged by BT simply for having the landline connection - for the cost of a landline over 2 months, you can buy this phone, then just PAYG.

 Big Button Easy Project2.   Easy Project Easy-to-Use

 If you have hearing problems this could be the ideal mobile for you. It has a super powerful vibrating alert feature, plus an extra loud setting on the earpiece too - headphones are included in the phone kit by the way.

The buttons are nice and big and you can key in four essential numbers that can be called with just one press of the M buttons if required. This phone is designed for older people who have difficulties with conventional smartphones or mobiles, so it's really easy to use.

Great design, obviously aimed at the older mobile user. But this is expensive at £85.10 plus VAT.

Big Button Easiphone3.   Bluechip BC5i 

At £25 - from Portable Gadgets on Amazon, this big button mobile is great value and has useful features like a torch facility, plus an SOS button on the back of the casing.

We love the super bright screen on this which makes it easier to see numbers if you have vision problems, plus it also features a very loud ring tone, if you're hearing isn't what it was.

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Large keys, an optional radio, plus alarm clock and calculator features also make the Bluechip BC5i a winner for someone who wants a phone that is genuinely handy to have around the living room.


Big _button _maxi _key Phone4.   Maxi Key Compact Mobile

At just £14.99 this is one of the cheapest big button mobiles on the market and it has some impressive features.

You can programme a unique SMS `help' text message into four buttons, so that one touch can call/send immediately.



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It has 20 different ringtones, a clock, calendar, plus alarm clock and calculator. We also saw a website called Aspect Two selling a spare battery for just £1.40 and a cradle type charger for £1.50 - both very useful extras.

One other thing about the Maxi Key Mobile - the instruction manual is written in large print too. Very handy.

Doro Phone Easy  6115.   Doro Phone Easy 611

At £50 PAYG, or £7.50pm on contract from Tesco, plus Clubcard points, the Doro makes a good buy if you prefer the `clamshell' type of mobile phone design. We did see some online retailers selling this phone for over £100, so don't pay that much for such a basic handset.

Big buttons, large text display on screen, plus enhanced volume for those suffering partial hearing loss - it's also hearing aid compatible.

The Doro also has an emergency button on the back of the phone, so you can set it up to send an SMS `Help' message. You can also preload 10 Speed-Dial numbers.



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