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Budget Mobile Phones: New Vodafone Smart 2 Launched at £70

Alastair Walker 24/01/2013 11:11:54

Budget Mobile Phones: New Vodafone Smart 2 Launched at £70

Vodafone Smart II


Price:£70 PAYG. Not available on contract.

Entry level Smartphone has useful apps pre-loaded, 3.2 inch screen and 3MP camera

If you just want a basic smartphone, which can you onto the web using a 3G signal, catch up with Facebook and Twitter, take the odd photo when on holiday, then the Vodafone Smart II will do the job.

Based on an Alcatel chassis, the Smart II comes in white or grey, has a detachable backing plate so you can swap SIM/SD cards or batteries easily and is compact, with a 3.2 inch touchscreen.

Vodafone Smart 2There's a 150MB of internal memory and the Smart II holds a 32GB MicroSD card, so you can store plenty of music on the SD. There's a built-in FM radio too. The camera is a basic 3MP one, with VGA video capability, not HD. The camera has got a flash for night shots however.

OK, this is a basic phone, ideal for a teenager perhaps, or someone who just doesn't want to be tied to a contract but does want the ability to get on the web occasionally. Reports online suggest the battery life isn't that brilliant and the 800MHz processor isn't anything too exciting either.

But it has got its plus points. If the phone is ringing and you don't want to answer, just flip it face down - it'll stop. If the phone senses that it's in a pocket, or handbag, it increases the volume of the ringtone automatically too.

It also runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS, so you have loads of apps and games to choose from, plus Vodafone have customised some of the apps already loaded in the Smart II.


There are lots of budget smartphones coming onto the UK market now, so if you're shopping around then check out the following mobiles;

Vodafone Nokia Asha                    £45 from Tesco

T-Mobile Energy Black                    £60 from Tesco

Huawei Ascend Y100                     £69 from 02

Samsung Galaxy Ace                     £79.99 from 02

Samsung Tocco Lite 2                    £59.99 from Orange

Vodafone _Smart2


To sum up, the Vodafone Smart II is a great value smartphone, but at £70 it has lots of competition, so shop around for the best deal.

Best Features:Compact, lightweight, very affordable smartphone

Worst Features:So-so video and camera, not brilliant on battery life

Area for Improvement:Altogether sharper, faster browsing experience, plus an all day battery life, from the Smart III would be cool.



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