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Instagram Photo App Review

Alastair Walker 24/01/2013 11:27:51

Instagram Photo App Review

Instagram adds a little bit of fun to your photos and you can quickly share them on the move



Available for;iPhone only at present

Instagram has been one of the hit Apps for iPhone users in the last year or so and it's not hard to see why. Take your photo, and then select from the range of filters and effects templates at the bottom of the Instagram interface.

Retro black & white, 70s fuzzy colours, or Lomo-fi, which gives your photo a moody bit of contrast - there are 12 different filters in total. It has to be said some are easier on the eye than others. Toaster, for example simply seems to burn out most of the photo to my eyes, but in the end it's a matter of personal taste.

The other nice feature is that you can `friend' up other Instagram users around the globe and follow their newsfeed by hitting a `like' button, or adding a comment. It's rather like Flickr, but quickr - please excuse the pun.

For added fun you can automatically share your Instagram pics via Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, by ticking the relevant boxes in settings.

Best Feature:

Contrast and lighting filters which bring out detail in close-up shots

Worst Feature:

Some filters not that visually appealing

Area for Improvement:

A creative palette which would let you alter the images with your fingertip would make each photo truly unique.

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